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Anyone who knows me, and knows Blue&Cream, knows we’ve been in this game for 20 years, strong. When I first launched a “webpage”, even the term “ecomm” was nascent. We watched as brand by brand, the designers we have launched forayed into ecomm, this is before Instagram and the advent of “DTC”, Direct to Consumer. I remember when Barneys “went online”- remember how sad everyone was when Barney’s went bankrupt? And the rise of the multi-brand “Aggregator” sites, Net-a-Porter, SSENSE, Revolve and Farfetch all who entered the game purporting to style you, when in fact there isn’t really any style anywhere behind they’re logistics driven super computers. What’s worse, these online only ecommerce companies have faked it and never made it. Fab parties, doling out lax return policies and CEOs who make millions while the underlying businesses never actually made any money. If there was one thing that people have faulted B&C for over the years in store it was our inability to “price match” some of these super powers, and in recent years it has become painstakingly obvious and justified why we could not- they weren’t actually real businesses. What about faulting DTC in faulting department stores and faulting these Ecomm companies for not being able to put together one good day of an experience in store – Try 20 years of coming in every day and giving it our passion for fashion . No ones gonna catch up now. They are or they were all money burning vanity projects. They prop Port to have what’s hot and what’s new and one month later it’s being offered to you on a discount…makes my head spin trying to keep up with these accelerated fashion cycles and that’s why I got out of the rat race of chasing seasonal trends and stayed focused on timeless classic styling. Sometimes we’re selling a spring 23 slip dress in fall 23. God forbid. If it was good in spring 23 you should have it for a couple of years. Years- that’s the reality of everybody’s wardrobes anyway, my favorite things are in my wardrobe for years and I look good when I rock them. And some items if I could find another one, I’d buy the back up at full price years later too. I’ve worn it so much it becomes threadbare. 

And here comes the almighty force of BLACK FRIDAY. better known these days as “November”. That’s one fray I avoided for a long time but have since succumbed to. Snazzy and Savvy marketing of leftover designer wares each year increasingly earlier in the season to the point where PSA: its JUST A SALE guys. So…it IS sale season, and Blue&Cream likes to do things differently so we actually work really hard to find some great timeless and classic pieces you can get on the cheap, and this season we are offering our own in house brand, made in NY with Japanese Fabrics, it isn’t cheap to produce with this ethos and quality- but we want to extend some fair discounts to get more people wearing the exclusive brand that our insiders in the Hamptons and City store clients have come to love. And we want to use Black Friday as a chance to let you buy another T-shirt to replace the one you love or get another color color of the slub tea that you picked up this past season filling your basics beef up your Wardrobe with a discount from Blue&Cream.

Check out the sales, for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they start sooner than you think. PLEASE open the emails and check out the various collections we work hard to curate from designers like Aviator NAtion – BIG TIME DISCOUNTSA.L.C., Zimmermann, and for sexy and flirty nites out; cheapies (dresses under $100) from Ser.oya and For Love&Lemons. I have deals and steals on Stone Island for the fellas, and the best of our sale offering is sitewide discounts on The Tile club, never on sale it’s our finest cashmere already priced competitively and of course the Blue&Cream classics; Slub Tees, long sleeve smooth tees, Hoodies, Joggers, this type of stuff guys are always buying.

If you want to really throw it down, we host an exclusive once a year, BUY MORE, SAVE MORE sale, heads up for the email right before Turkey Day- you are no doubt familiar by now with how those type of sales works as the Department stores be steady pimpin it all year long: Scour for some high ticket items, or stack up your favorites, when you fill up your cart you get your deal on the whole invoice.

Check it out. Online Sale Season is already underway. 

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