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One day fall is in the air, the next it feels like summer. This is the flow for Fall in New York City. If you do not live here, you may have heard about it or seen a meme about it – the wide ranging weather daily is something that’s a given if you have grown up in New York. You must know if you leave with your coat in the morning it is going to be tied around your waist in the afternoon. Tourists from all over the world learn each week as they are trouncing around New York with bags, jackets, and sweaters. And keeping it real, it is hard to style people this time of year, frankly I will style one fit for the morning, another fit for afternoon and if I’m going out at night… trust me… I change it up again, I’m checking the weather three times a day in the “Fall”.

One way to keep it flexible and wardrobe for the optimum daily transition is to stick with Cotton layers…At Blue&Cream We have really moved off fur and leather in the last few years, A lot of people who know me, know that I have been Plant-Based for over eight years. I feel that is one of the most effective ways to have an impact as an individual on the environment. Not eating meat just once or twice a week has an exponential impact on global emissions compared to just stopping use of your gasoline powered car. Not to mention how cute animals are. Stop and think if you want to make a change, there are so many Plant-Based options for savory meals these days.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is that we have a ton of fun “fake fur” and “vegan leather” items on our racks these days and one of them is a Nike jacket from last season. This photo is from a shoot with one of our favorite New York City girls, born&bred in the city, Bebe makes a $100 Nike jacket look like a million dollars. During our shoot this past September we chose to style some key sale items to get geared up for the upcoming holiday sales seasonBecause people can get away without wearing true “outerwear” as late as October these days, it is hard to make a commitment to a high-ticket item, you will see the impact in the luxury brands offerings in years to come.

Meanwhile I am always styling my guys in the newest freshest looks, I do not really look at discounted items for men because I think menswear to be truly classic. By Design, I have my guy Slim in our go-to mad fleece trucker jacket. This jacket layered over a tee in the summer is my look, and here I’m layering it for the Fall and for wearing into the El Nino winter with a cashmere blend Boglio button-up…The new color is what I see a lot of people gravitating towards this season, neutrals. We styled it with our JACOB COHEN jeans, we are the most exclusive and feature the widest variety of JACOB COHEN in New York City, and on the East Coast! It is something I am immensely proud of, and we keep styling Blue&Cream back to these JACOB COHEN jeans, and if you already know, you know…

So, we are with you, caught in between transitioning for Fall and trying to find some new pieces. Maybe you are starting to scroll and troll the racks looking for a great sale, one way or the other Blue&Cream has not been around for 20 years for nothing- we got you. Check out the newest additions to our collections for fall.

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