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20 Years | Blue and Cream

Blue&Cream is a 20-year Brand, we are born bred New Yorkers, Jewish New Yorkers. I often say, we are different from the rest of the world, mostly because we just do things our own way @blueandcream. Many things about us, the individuals that make up our company are the same as the clients that we service daily. We like to have an enjoyable time with family and friends. Energy in the room is everything. We love an enjoyable experience, we love to see a little magic in the world, magic in the smallest things. We like to look good and feel good.

This new Blue and Cream Bleecker Street store has been an eye opener, seeing and meeting so many people from so many places all over the world, every day. Seeing the common thread through our love and appreciation for fashion, or just seeing “something that’s cool”. And here, on Bleecker Street, at 409 Bleecker Street to be exact, The Blue and Cream West Village store -.  One thing we have found is that families from all over the world are being dragged around by their kids on vacation. The kids are leading the flow, looking for streetwear, looking for something unique, exciting, looking for Nike if we want to get real. Everyone is looking for Nike on Bleecker Street, kids wake up at the Hotel and drag their families out to score that cool pair of kiks

Its amazing with the Geo-Political issues in our world, that we get up and have a normal day and parents’ priority will remain, taking their kids to get a pair of kix. It’s a smiple way to be in control; provide for the kids, feel in control of our little world. When you step into Blue&Cream we have opinions, we talk about the world, we dont shy away from admonishing terrorism and supporting Israel, even as we recognize humanity in Palestine and separate the actions of Hamas from those who live under their control. The safety, and relative security of a stroll in NYC, how blessed we are and how unfortunate others with so much pain in the world are. There is such varied experiences all over the world for the world traveler to consider when passing thru our crossroads on Bleecker Street, in the West Village of New York City in the Fall of 2023. 

Every day, at Blue Cream, something new, something on trend, Nikes, Kids, Adults who are grown up kids, couples “exploring the city”, a common thread and interest in Streetwear, and for what it stands; Freedom of Expression, Individualism….finding a piece of Supreme NYC the world famous brand that started from a skateboard shop like this one, Jordans for the kid back home who is a “collector”, grabbing a tee for a friend back home, finding a minute in between uptown and downtown for grabbing a gift for kids while on a business trip. An authentic memento from NYC to bring back home and remind themselves of NYC. It is a daily flow at Blue and Cream, the West Village, 409 Bleecker Street.

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