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FB where you at? | Blue And Cream

To me it seems like no one is on Facebook, or atleast not on it like they were 20 years ago when we launched Blue&Cream. I keep posting, I see some great friends and family liking the post, I don’t see any growth or new engagement…it’s crazy to think how many people have come through Blue&Cream over the years but nothing much happens in our social realm…we should post more “engaging” content I suppose…or just go to tiktok. My best performing posts are saliciois click bait. This pic of legend Harold Hunter at the opening of our Blue&Cream Easthampton boutique over 20 years ago hardly gets the algorithm going. Still it’s a classic. And he’s a legend. On the wall is IRAK, SSUR, ALIFE, aNYTHING #iykyk Harold Hunter Foundation, Zooyork nation #streetstyle #skateboard #legendsneverdie #NYC

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