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The Resurgence of NYC Nightlife Fashion

We are all familiar with that weekend warrior “going-out” feeling. Most often these moments strike when the nighttime air is just as warm as its daytime counterpart, the outfit you’ve been saving for months finally makes its debut, and the buzz of the New York streets bring your every step to life. For far too long this feeling has escaped us, and in part, it feels like a part of us is missing.

New York City was an early epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. With that came the decline of some of our simplest pleasures; dressing up and going out. Since then, 2 years have passed and this season appears to be the light at the end of the tunnel.. and we all know it. Retail is booming, bars and restaurants are propping their doors open anxiously awaiting the first wave of warm weather and the flood of people it’s bringing with it.

Spring ’22 – Leather and Satin

Let’s face it; what’s there not to love about a sumptuous satin or leather piee, be it a top, a dress or a skirt? Nothing. Satin and leather takes you into spring with ease and through the hot summer months in sheer style and breeziness, lending you the perfect “going-out” look.

Blue&Cream tailored a women’s wardrobe specific to this satin and leather “look”. Shop the “Last Call Wardrobe” now!

Spring ’22 – Shirt Jackets and Vests

A shirt jacket, or ‘shacket’, is exactly what it sounds like-a hybrid between a shirt and a jacket. It’s a thicker fabric than a shirt but not as bulky as a true jacket. This makes for an excellent transition piece coming into spring. From a style perspective, it’s less dressy than a blazer. So, if you’re looking for a casual, but still tailored, piece of outerwear, it’s one of the best options out there.

Spring ’22 – Vintage

Vintage clothing is all about the representation of the old fashion. People always want the new look and mark in the fashion world. After spending a year in loungewear and sneakers during pandemic, everyone wants to try new styles.

The Individual look that comes from these styles is the main reason for the popularity of the vintage looks. These garments always make you stand out of the crowd and you can assure that no one is going to be the same. Classic style will speak instead of you and show that you are courageous enough to drift from the mainstream of fashion. 

Spring ’22 – Streetwear

On its surface, the definition of streetwear is deceptively simple. The fashion industry defines streetwear as fashionable, casual clothing worn by followers of popular culture. The majority of these followers are under 30, live in urban areas, and belong to a subculture group (ex. skateboarders or hip-hop music fans).  

Streetwear flips the traditional fashion model on its head. In the past, designers and trend forecasters dictated what trends made it to the runway, buyers determined what styles made it in-store, and magazine editors told consumers what they should and shouldn’t buy during the upcoming season. But now, through streetwear’s predominantly direct-to-consumer model, it’s the consumers themselves who are driving trends. 

“The pandemic really highlighted what was essential in this city and what’s a luxury,” Ms. Palitz said. “This industry has always been seen as nice to have, but now we know it’s a need. It is absolutely part of our fabric, of our daily lives.” – Thew New York Times

Wherever you find yourself in this glorious city, theres a spot ready for you to make memories. From Brooklyn, to Harlem, these are the best places to drink, dance, and hangout this spring courtesy of TimeOut.

Whether it’s a night out with your best friends in Brooklyn or a solo mission into Lower Manhattan, New York City demands your absolute best looks. Mix and match these styles and break back onto the nightlife scene in style.

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